Earn money with revshare

Want to make some extra money without efforts ? Sure you will !!

If you are surfing and looking for some opportunities to earn money online, you´ll find a lot of those oppotunities. Many of them are revshare programs-

Revshare programs means: revenue share. Means: The members of those programs earn money by the profit the platform earns in advertising.

What have you to do to get revenue shares? Mostly you have to invest a small fee to buy an advertising package and have to click 10 advertisings on that platfom. For this package you can promote your own business too with guaranteed clicks. It runs out if your advertising is seen 500 times e.g and the package has earned 10 bucks or more in two or three months. Then you have to buy a new one without investing more money out of your pocket. You pay just with your profit you´ve made.

You see: small invest, great chance to promote your business and big profit after a short period of time.

Sounds too good to be true?

Yes, it is too good to be true. A lot of those revshare programs are launched in the past and new ones appears constantly. And none of them survived more than three years. How that, if they are such great opportunities?

I will describe my own ecperience with revhares.

I was a member of My AdvertisingPays and GetProfitAdz. Both crashed. And it was always the same procedure. First everything was okay. Each package made it´s profit and payout was possible with no problems. After a while problems occured. Either with the payment processor or some undefined technical problems.
Then: relaunch.The problems would be solved and one has learned from his mistakes. Now even greater profits where possible because new markets had opend up.

There are no quick rich systems !

Honestly: if I would have such a system, I wouldn´t share it to anybody !

If you want to have success in earning money online you have to learn and work constantly. Find your system and do what every successful internetmarketer does and you´ll be successful like them. It will take time and efforts, but that is what every „Guru“ tells you all the time. And it´s true!

Regards , Bernhard