3 Ways To Get More Traffic In 2020│Review

three ways to get more trafficThis post is about 3 ways to get more traffic to your website. I explain some basics, a little an advanced way and talk about visitor driven traffic. I also want to introduce and review the “tell a friend” method.

It does not matter if you published a page on-line for your business or whether or not your website is your business. You want as many visitors as doable so that your investment in time or cash is well worth it. Easier said Than Done! There aren’t any simple software solutions that solve this problem to urge more additional traffic. You have to tackle this task from different angles. Here I will discuss some straightforward however successful methods obtaining a lot more traffic to your website.

Paid traffic method:

The simplest way is to just buy the traffic. Any search engine provides services where you can do this. Your website or ad will appear at the top of the search results if your keywords match with the search the user typed in his browser. This will drive traffic to your website in virtually minutes, You ought to monitor every campaign you set up to see what you have to change to achieve the best result for each ad you pay for. Depending on the keyword you select, it can be quite pricey to run an ad. Tip: Search for similar keywords that people search for with Google Suggest.

Free traffic methods:

write articlesThe second technique is to write blog posts. Having content on your web site associated with the opportunities you promote is crucial. Ensure you check the statistics on your website to examine what terms people are searching for, which sites they visit the most, and then write more about these topics regularly. Perhaps you are busy and can´t go to it? Hire a Freelancer. You can find them e.g.on platforms like upwork.com, fiverr.com or iwriter.com.
You can even ask somebody at a university in your city to write some articles for you. Students always need extra money! This can be a very effective technique for sending additional traffic to your web site. You should also ensure that you simply publish your articles on sites like Reddit and promote each on Cashblurbs. This is for free. It just takes a couple of moments and it´ll bring numerous leads that you would not have gotten otherwise.

By the way:

I´m no fan of posting on other Blogs. In my opinion, it´s overestimated. It takes a lot of time and there are often no backlinks allowed. Therefore, this method will not be able to improve your ranking significantly.

Advanced option

Where there are rules, there are exceptions!

shake handsA more advanced technique is to partner up with someone else on the Internet that is selling similar complementary products. Exchange articles and links with these partners to increase your rankings on the search engines. However, you have to pay attention to who you are partnering with. Research a little about them and find out what they have done so far and whether it could be useful for you and your goals. Perhaps you visit their FB Group and get in contact with them. Sometimes they agree writing some content on your Blog. Imagine a marketing guru like John Crestani writes a short review of your product! You will sell like crazy! But be careful. That only works if you have an agreement with this person and he or she has a much better ranking than you.


Another way is to find newsgroups that pertain to your niche and participate in the conversations. Try not to talk about your products or services all the time as you will most likely be banned from them and create a bad impression for yourself. Rather you answer questions, share value, talk about your experience bout some products or marketing methods to show that you are the true expert in the field so that people will visit your website.

These techniques need no money to get people to visit your website. While not the only techniques out there for driving traffic to your site, but these are some of the most effective techniques that will help establish trust and authority. People don´t buy products, they buy brands! And these steps leads to establish you as a brand.

Website content means traffic

content means trafficIf you get traffic to your website using the methods explained above, it doesn´t have to stay that way. People are looking for valuable information about almost everything. Buying decisions are often based on articles or buyer online ratings. It can determine which hotel you will book, which restaurant you prefer to go to or which car you buy.
Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure that the content you provide on your website is fresh, valuable and true to the best of your knowledge. Cheating will fall back on you.
Content creation can be hard work! So ask yourself if your content gives your visitors what they are looking for, or does it solve a problem they may have? Furthermore, do you provide them with other useful information and links along within their search to get more free info?
Search engines love free information just as much as your visitors do. Therefore try to provide a free subscription, e-book, to bring free traffic to your site because sites who provide free stuff get more clicks and sales!

More basic knowledge

You must place keywords on each article you publish. This will help you get a higher ranking in search engines. If you are writing about e.g. health or beauty products you should use a keyword planner to get an idea which of them you should use best.
alternatives for google keyword planner

When users are looking for something the search engine sends out „spiders“ or „crawlers“. They index the pages on which the searched words can be found and the suggest them to the user.
The more words you have match the search, the better. But make sure that you don´t use the same keyword too often in your article. Otherwise, it looks like spam to those spiders. Think about related Keywords you could use. To get an idea of it, read your competitors´articles.

Attach related sub-topics
Lastly, try to provide sub-topics on your site. For example, if your site is about giving guitar lessons, you may want to provide information about where one can go online to find guitars or sheet music. If you still own a business and want to expand it to the internet you probably should contact a professional SEO-company to build your internet presence professionally.
One more word about ranking: articles that contain more than 1000 words are rated better than those with just 300 or 500. Search engines love content, the longer the better.

Content automation

More and more webmasters pay for automation tools for creating websites content and driving traffic to them. You don´t need programming knowledge to do that. More and more improved software is available for you to master it. These mostly cloud-based programs are designed for non-programmers and are highly useful for marketers who want to make their online marketing easier.
There are now, for example, options to have entire articles written and posted automatically by software like contentburger.

User-driven traffic:

You know those share buttons to post an article or website to your FB account or Twitter timeline. I don´t like them because somebody comments your shared post, you have to react. It takes time but rarely leads to sales.

A better way is the “tell a friend script” or Plugin

This is an easy viral marketing method for online marketers. It is a very simple PHP script that any online marketer can install on any website in less than 5 minutes. Visitors can now easily send emails to their friends, exchanging that information they found.
The basic feature of a ‘show a friend scenario’ is when a visitor can enter the name, email address and email addresses of friends. When friends receive emails, they won’t consider it spam because the sender is a friend they know and trust. With a zero chance of blocking such emails sent by friends they knew, this allows for a wider spread of this marketing method.
Many sites offer free ‘show a friend scripts’, which you can download at hotscripts.com.
There are a lot of such articles that can be used for free and come up with an installation guide.

Use a Plugin instead
If you are not familiar with putting some snippets to your PHP or CSS, you also can use a plugin. I use the tell a friend popup Plugin by gopiplus, Check it out here. It is free and comes with a full description of how to use it. After installing the plugin you can place a snippet wherever you want in your post or website. It looks like this:

Click it and see what happens!

In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to spread your posts and get them to read, because you read what a friend recommends!

I installed it and donated these guys a few bucks to thank them for their work.

But to achieve the dynamic traffic-driven effect, placing unique and original content on the website is still necessary. There is no way out for this method. It all depends on the work you spend on setting valuable content for your visitors. And if so, tell a friend will definitely increase traffic to your site

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