Blogposts With Article Monster Software│Review

Writing Blogposts is essential for any Blogger

Posting new and unique content is crucial for your ranking

That is easier said than done. You need a lot of time and new ideas every day. Therefore, some software solutions have been developed to make this work easier for you. One of these solutions for content automation is called Article Monster. It promises you that you can create unlimited unique articles written by a human.

Does Article Monster keep its promise? That´s what this review is about.

A short demonstration of Article Monster

I saw an interesting promotional video about this content creator in my inbox and started to research. But I hardly found anything but the video from

It explains the options on how to create articles by searching with a keyword or by YouTubevideos with subtitles. So, I purchased it.

What do you get

At first, I was very disappointed. Because what I got I already have seen: Article Buddy. This software has been around for about 10 years.
But never mind, I installed and started the program.

Does it work?

First I tried to create an article with a video. I took the promotional YouTube video from the article monster. It worked perfectly.

See here:

article monster or article buddy


Next, I entered a keyword. Exactly as described in the video. I also took weight loss as a keyword.
Then I ran the program for almost an hour.

Look what happened


find articles


Absolutely nothing!
So, I wrote an email to the support and waited. I still wait for two weeks now.



  • Article Monster is available for 96$
  • You get “Article Buddy” which you can get for free!
  • The search with the keyword function does not work
  • No support
  • Extraction from subtitles of YouTube Videos only


If you´re looking for free article generators, search for keywords like “free article rewriter online“. You will find lots and lots of free stuff! If you want to extract subtitles, check Downsub. It´s also free and doesn´t force you to install any software or third party extensions to your browser.

And don´t forget to get as much traffic as you can! You can write your fingers to the bone and publish like crazy, if nobody reads it you´ll end nowhere!

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