Free Traffic with CashBlurbs-Does it work or not

Cashblubs is a program I stumbled upon an ad, think it was on Trafficadbar. Because I´m always interested in checking out different ways of free advertising, I gave it a shot.

What is Cashblurb all about

Bryan Winters created the System in 2015. It allows you to advertise your offer free. To do this, you have to post another member’s ad on your Twitter or Facebook account.
And that is what makes CashBlurb special.

This is not just a Traffic Exchange. Usually, you look at an ad at TE and yours is shown to the other members. Only to the members. This allows you to generate traffic on your site, but no reach.
With this system, you get access to the member’s Twitter Timeline and FB accounts. They show your ad. Your ad will be seen by people who would never have seen it before. They call it the ” social traffic forwarding system”.

The system is easy to use. Watch the Intro-Video, post an Ad, after that you can post your own. That´s it.

But do you get clicks on your site?

That’s exactly what I was trying to find out. I created a blogpost with a high-ticket offer and just promoted it on Cashblurbs only.
I deliberately took a high ticket because it is much more difficult to advertise
See the table below. I promoted the blog post for 5 days and got 149 pageviews and 18 clicks to my link, even it is about a 900$ affiliate training program. Ok, nothing sold yet. But with 18 clicks you can not expect a sale!

Cashblurb results

I think this is proof that the system works because my cash blurb was shared by only 3 members. So the offer must have been seen by more people than those who shared it.

But you don´t need a blog or any other stuff than an affiliae link of any hot product you want to choose.

Excited? You can sign up here


Want to know more about Cashblurbs?

Watch the short video. Pictures say more than a thousand words!


How much is it?

  • Free membership: you will get around 40 clicks per day. You can post a cash blurb with your offer a day a start getting traffic for free
  • The 7 dollar traffic pack: post up to 72 ads daily for just 7 dollars. The members will also post your ads, as usual. This version lasts two weeks. Then you will automatically upgrade. The Membership lasts unless you decide to cancel.
  • Unlimited membership: just $20 monthly

My opinion about Cashblurbs

This system works. It is no scam and running since 2015. Quick support if you have any questions.

Who is it for?

  • It is created for marketers who want to generate traffic from Twitter and Facebook without paying for Ads there.
  • If you are dealing with various ads or different topics.
  • It is ideal for affiliate marketers. You don’t even need your own website, just your affiliate link.
  • If you are looking for a cheap but effective way to advertise a business.

Who should choose the paid option?

I am still a free member because I run my blog in my spare time. I just have a little of that!
The Paid option allows you to post 72 times a day. That´s great for fulltime marketers and Twitter Ads.


I have to admit that CashBlurbs offers an intriguing premise and the product can work very well. Furthermore, it is quite affordable as you can sign up for free to test it. You’ll also get the chance to try out paid membership for 10 days for just $ 1. If you didn’t like it, you can cancel at any time. I see great potential for using CashBlurbs and since it’s free to test, I think there is no reason not to recommend it. If you have a decent following on Facebook or Twitter and need some traffic to your site, I suggest you give it a shot.


Click Here And Check Out CashBlurb