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Free marketing software review

Weeks ago I got an email who promised me a free software download. More than 500 MB with free marketing software that will help me to increase my traffic and sales.

What ? Who will give me free software just for signing up a newsletter ?

But seems not risky to me, so I checked it out.

Here is what happened:

After confirming a link I could download several programs. Each program has a video explanation how to use it. Clean and simple. Also a troubleshooting if win blocks the intallation.

Was it worth to download the free software ?

Definetively yes.
They give you a lot of free marketing software to solve common problems marketers have to face each day.
How to get targeted traffic, keyword research, what works and what´s not worth to publish, what do your competitors have success with . And much more.

What will you get

An ad submitter, a website crawler, a competetitor checker, an analyze tool to see wich posts on Facebook are working and getting a lot of likes and interaction. No matter by whom, ….
A total of 11 programs
Any of those tools are build to help you to succed with your blog, video, promotions or whatever you do in the marketing niche you are in. If you are a beginner or or if you´re around for a while

My Personal Favorite

When it comes to write articles, posts or ads it is often hard to create those „unique content“ or „the compelling headline“ every marketer tells you that you  have to write.
And sometimes it is not easy to get started. You need an idea, a hint.
You can spend hours sitting in front of your screen but nothing happens.
And if your post is finished, then you need the text for you description, your email and your ad.
Next problem: if you publish  you shouldn´t always post the same stuff because that´s boaring .
You know your Timeline on Twitter, FB or wherever and see the same advertising over and over again. You scroll on. Only when something new appears, you look again .

That´s why you need a Spinner

A spinner software tool creates slightly different versions of your original articel, posts or descriptions etc. But many of those spinners produces not really readable versions. And if English is your native language, you will immediately realize that this is not a natural written text.
The Free Article Spinner by Coolmarketingsoftware uses a special technique to solve this issue. It transalates your origial in different laguages and then back in english using the google translator. So you allways get nice, readable and google- friendly results.

With this tool you can use your existing texts or posts again and again and publish it on different sites. Google then rates not only your original article but also your “new”articles or posts. The spinner has created a new, unique content with just minutes of work. You will be seen more often. Your ratings increases that means more leads and more sales.

Not only the spinner, all the software is free on I think this is one of the best online marketing tools to boost your business. Just sign up for the newsletter and get the whole stuff for free !

Take your chance and download your copy of free marketing software here by clicking the button below ! And enjoy it !



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