Make Money For Doing Nothing Installing Honeygain

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I have already reported in my blog about one or the other method, how you can earn simple money, how to get free traffic, or how to advertise without investment.
So, I advised against the CryptoTabBrowser, but if you look for an app that makes you money without effort, safe and permanently, then this will be something for you. Today I want to talk about a thing called Honeygain.

Brief overview: what is Honeygain

Honeygain is around since May 2019. It is a crowdfunding network company that lets other businesses collect data using a small part of  your unused webspace safely. They provide an App available for Android, IOS, and Windows systems. Data scientists use the platform, the free webspace and all the different connections to collect data, perform data intelligence, market, and business research.
Honeygain manages all those connections and protects them. According to their FAQ´s: “Is my personal data safe with Honeygain?”

100%. We don’t keep any data of our clients. The only data we will have is what will be necessary for the service. This includes your email address, your IP address and your chosen payout methods..

The website uses https and proxy servers to connect to their clients.

Get Access here: Honeygain

What you have to do

After you signed in you have to download and install the App. I did a little research. A lot of users are happy with this. But I also saw that some people complain that they haven´t made any money. They obviously didn´t install the App, because they saw the buzzing bees at the top of the homepage. They logged into their account and just left them „open“ because they thought the bees are the sign that it’s working.

You can install the App on up to three devices with a single IP-Adress or network at the same time. But they suggest having one IP for each App installed for the best results. I think if you install it on a server you´ll get the most out of it.

Does the App troubles your device

Concerning the speed: definitively not. Honeygain assures that they will not claim more than 10% of your bandwidth. Your computer should run as usual while you´re using the App in the background. I checked it out with Videos and some games and saw no diferences.
But if you use e.g. a cellphone it takes up to 8% more energy from your battery per day. But the speed of your Internet connection is not restricted here either The App works with your WiFi or mobile data.

How to make money from Honeygain

The App is the way you´ll make some extra money.
If you have e.g. an Android Tablet and a Windows laptop like me, install the App with your account on both and double your income.
Second way:
invite people to join with your personalized referral link. You receive 5$ for each referral and 10% of their daily income will be added to yours. You can see your referrals in your dashboard. Unfortunately, you can´t build a list because of the mail address doesn´t show up correctly, it looks like this: j******@g*****.com


Payments are currently only made via PayPal. The minimum is 20$, it takes 24 to 48 hours to see it in your account. As far as I could find out, there are no problems reported with the payout.

Alright, no the pros and cons:


  • easy to install and use
  • you earn money even your device is idle
  • support available via the contact form
  • safe, no personal information is used or shown


  • costs battery energy of mobile devices
  • you need an internet flat rate if you use a cellphone
  • your devices have to run your internet connection or you don´t earn
  • So, this is not real passive income



Easy, lazy way to earn money online.
I can´t see any reason not to recommend the App. Click here and  Just give it a try. I made 5.49 bucks in two days doing nothing else than I used to. So, I´m looking forward to what it will be like over the next months!


>>> Get Honeygain here