What the heck is Palai?

Palai is a new currency. The goal is to give a basic income to everybody. No one should be excluded.

The clue:

  1.  nothing has to be invested
  2.  nothing to pay
  3.  no mining

But how can this work ?

How can it be that someone gives me 450 euros a day?
You get daily basic income paid by Palai. This new currency will probably be 1 euro per palai in 2025.
Currently you get over 450 Palai credited daily. How would you like it, if these 450 Palai were 450 euros daily in 6 years?

What do you have to do for this?
You need to sign up with a nickname and your email and verify your account. Then you can pick up your basic income daily (or just once a week). If a Palai daily basic income is older than 10 days, it expires. So better to pick up once a week.

Is it worth it for Palai Refferals to win?
Yes, the more people participate in Palai, the scarcer the currency becomes and the value increases. In addition, you get a basic daily income for each Refferal won.

What do you have to lose?
Nothing, because join in costs nothing and is committed to nothing.

Take YOUR chance to create our personel residual income. Just by logging in at least once a week.It tahes just a few minutes to do that. And: spread the news xD