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Anything on autopilot?

That´s exactly the opportunity I was looking for. I´m blogging for about ten years. When I started things weren´t that complicated as they are today. SEO wasn´t that important. SEO strategies were not very difficult in comparison to today. And list building was at least easier. A lot of people want to read your e-book, your newsletter, or your emails.

It was more about getting backlinks or guest posts from wherever or increasing your Alexa ranking. It wasn´t too hard to rank on Google. Social media? Yes, sure.  YouTube videos? Rare.  Facebook marketing wasn´t that important in those days. A single click was under 50 cents. And I doubt that their algorithm was as refined then as it is today

If you are a marketer, you know what happened. YouTube and FB marketing is crucial. And expensive! You have to write at least one post every day. Unique content is a prerequisite for your ranking. SEO strategies are complicated and don´t last very long. There are new platforms like Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Clubhouse, Chatboxes….

A lot of work. A full-time job. And money isn´t guaranteed. Whatever the big dogs say and promise when they advertise their courses or webinars. It works for them. But do you have the feeling it works for you too?

I checked out some of them. It works if you invest pretty much money. Faster than you think you also need a team that does some work for you. Another investment. Is your wallet big enough?

What could you do?

I was looking for an opportunity that will give me this legendary “passive income”. That money you can earn without working day in and day out. Is that really possible? Not the common way I think. But there is a new technology. Artificial intelligence, AI. In a nutshell: a computer program does all the work for you. Building a website that sells, SEO, link cloaking, tracking, targeting, the whole selling process, accounting.

Sounds great?

Sure. But what if you don´t want to sell anymore. What if you are tired of creating, or searching for a product to offer? What if you don’t feel like writing blogposts or figuring out the needs of potential customers anymore just to sell them something? That´s what I´m looking for!

And this is where OnPassive comes in!

You can become a Founder. Means: you buy a stake in the company and can use the whole ecosystem forever. And: they are searching for new clients for their products for you. Automatically. And the commissions are paid to you. Automatically!

If you want to sell your own products – no problem. You have all the AI-Products you need. Just with one payment for your Founder position and one more for an advertising package.

Straight to the point

You will never again have a chance to be a Founder of OnPassive, and there is NOWHERE else you can go on Earth where you will earn by doing nothing. Create your Founder account here then login and pay your ONE TIME $97 USD. You don’t want to miss this.

I’m convinced the ONLY reason why you wouldn’t be a Founder right now is that you don’t understand what OnPassive is. It is happening. If you miss it you’ll cry later.

OnPassive is well over 640K Founders at this point. We just had the latest product release on Friday. We are making products that are already generating hundreds of millions or billions of dollars per year, improving upon them, make the user experience easier, and removing the limits, then offering them for a fraction of the price of all other options on the market.

Only a very unwise person would choose to pay more for worse functionality. See, they are already paying for worse.

Now multiply that concept across more than 50 products and services. Of the 50+ products and services, 20 of them are now posted on onpassive.com if you care to peruse them.

It’s a done deal. OnPassive will completely overtake the market. There are over 5 billion people already using the services that OnPassive will deliver to them with better quality and quantity, for less.

That is your entrance into understanding the value of OnPassive. That is the reason why there are more than 640K Founders prior to full product launch. That is why it will change the digital world, regardless of any “affiliate program.” And as a Founder, you get to share in the profit.

Simply maintain your account and you will be paid for doing nothing else. No selling. No promoting. Nothing.

Even the very last Founder to enroll will become very wealthy. I expect that within 6 months of the hard launch we could have over 8 million users. You can share in that profit by doing literally nothing.

No, “I don’t have time,” excuses.

No, “I don’t know what to do,” excuses

No, “I’m not good at selling excuses”

You literally don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to lift a finger. OnPassive will not get in the way of anything else you are doing. And, many of you are already using many of the services that OnPassive will provide, and you’re paying more.

Alright, now you know what´s coming up. Take your chance and start here!


If you can’t afford to upgrade right now, sign in and pay later!


And one more time: If you can’t afford to upgrade right away don’t worry about it, join signup on the link provided and make sure you upgrade later so you don’t miss out on holding a position in the company.




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