1000 Dollars a Day with Zendyx Affiliate System

Zendyx Affiliate System Review
The Zendyx Affiliate System is a Clickbank program. It is not out that long and they make big promises. That´s why I take a closer look at it.

What is the Zendyx Affiliate System about

It is essentially an affiliate training program and costs you 39 bucks. It teaches you how to make money online, focused on promoting products from the ClickBank market place. That is nothing special. There are many free videos on YouTube about this topic.

So I watched the video on Zendyx.com. for more information. It´s the usual stuff. The owner,Mark Evans, tells his story. He was broke, divorced, and fired from his job. Then he discovered this system somehow and everything changed. There are video testimonials from Affiliates, snapshots of their ClickBank accounts. They refresh the page to prove that this is real results. But they are from June 2005 to 2007.

Zendyx Sales Page Video

Click the picture to watch the video

By watching the video it was not clear to me exactly how this system works.
You should earn money through a partnership with Zendyx through affiliate marketing and they will help you to earn the promised 1000 bucks a day.
They will earn when you earn and they will help you to reach this goal. I don´t know if that means that you have an active mentoring.


Okay, let´s have a look inside the Zendyx program

This is the dashboard:

Zendyx Affiliate System dashboard

If you have registered with Zendyx Affiliate System you will immediately get the first upsells. They explain that they made zero dollars when they were just “basic”. Only with this upsell for 149 and the pre-build funnels you could make up to 1000$.

But that´s not all

You can see the other buttons. They lead to ClickFunnels and Bluehost via an affiliate link. ClickFunnels is a great program for building websites, funnels, and internet marketing. Bluehost provides Domain Names, WordPress hosting, Website analysis, and all that stuff. But both offer free affiliate programs and free trials already. And they pay pretty good commissions!

ClickFunnels is 97 and Bluehost about 3 bucks per month. When you buy the system there is no mention that you have to buy other products.


Zendyx Video Section

Zendyx Affliliate Sydtem video section screenshot
In these 30 videos, they explain how to build a WordPress website. The videos are very informative, straight to the point. But nothing about SEO, building content, or how to get traffic. I cannot say for sure whether the videos are worth 39$

My opinion about the Zendyx Affiliate System

Basically, they just tell you that you have to upgrade for pro (147) and alpha (about 200) to earn money with ClickBank and Clickfunnels and explains how those platforms work.
You can get this information online for free. Clickfunnels has an affiliate program that´s free to join. You can promote and earn commissions at no cost. And, of course, there is also lots of free information on how best to use ClickBank. The same with all the other programs they suggest.

After all, I still don´t know how you will make those 1000 bucks every single day with this Zendyx Affiliate “System”. They don´t send free traffic to your offer. You still have to advertise your Zendyx-offer and do the same work as if you were using the free affiliate programs.

Next: what does it mean: “we earn when you earn”? Usually, you earn a percentage of your sales as an affiliate marketer. Sometimes up to 75%. If they earn too, it can only mean, that they keep some of your shares and you earn less.

I prefer not to buy it. Better look around for something else.

  • If you want to start an online business there is a lot on YouTube how to do this for free. Even ClickBank or Clickfunnels have free stuff about this.
  • Looking for free marketing software to get more leads and sales? Check this out please: click here



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