Big Ticket Commissions

Big Ticket Commissions Review

I saw the sales page of Big Ticket Commissions and it seems interesting to me.
They claim that you can earn 1000 a day with this program without blogging, video creation, or list building. Besides, you don’t have to have your own product or worry about traffic. And of course, you don’t need any special technical knowledge.

Big Tickeet Commissions Claim

Although I know that there is no automated software that automatically generates traffic and sales, I spent the 18 bucks to check it out.

What is Big Ticket Commissions
and how does it work

This cloud-based software is created by Glynn Kosky to simplify the process setting up campaigns to sell high ticket offers in three simple steps.

  • First: insert your affiliate links
  • Second: activate the free traffic
  • Third: Sit back and watch the sales roll in

In the basic version, you get 4 products and funnels, the webinar page for each product, and the download page for the build-in bonuses that you give away if somebody joins the free webinar.
The whole process is explained by step by step videos. They are easy to understand and implement in your new campaign. When you have done everything, you will receive a link that you can apply for.
If you want to change anything on the sites, you can do this with a built-in editor.
Here is a screenshot of my Big Ticket Commissions account. You see, you can change every page or video to make your campaign unique if you like.


Big Ticket Commissions Dashboard Screenshot


The list building strategy

If somebody signs up to the free webinar he will be redirected to the thank you page. There he can download the bonuses. But only when he has entered his email address. So you have him on your list and can send emails and promote other offers.


Big Ticket Commissions strategy


The Big Ticket Commissions Training

There is a series of videos that explain everything to set up your prebuild hight ticket offer and funnels. The videos are about 10 mins long and easy to understand. You just follow one after the other and you’re done. In the end, you will have a “big-ticket commission link” you should promote. It looks something like this one:
Your Site, the thank you page, and all the stuff are cloud-hosted. You just need an autoresponder. I prefer getresponse, but you can connect with a lot of others of the most used programs.


Can I promote my own stuff?

Of course, you can. If you like the strategy, you can set up campaigns for your own products or affiliate links and choose from different bonuses as well.


The free traffic

Yes, in fact, this is about free traffic. But whether it actually leads to success if you simply post the link on social media platforms can be doubted. Here you will have to do a lot more to make sales regularly. Especially if you offer high ticket products. I think you can collect many clicks or leads, but you won’t make many sales. At least that’s how it is with my campaign.
And of course, all of this has nothing to do with passive income. Everyone who does twitter marketing knows that you have to post several times a day to get any attention. And it is the same on other platforms.


Big Ticket Commissions Free Traffic


More traffic training

The founders of Big Ticket commissions are well aware of this point. That is why the authors also recommend four other advertising methods. They explain Solo Ads, YouTube videos, YouTube ads (paid), but also free advertising via Pinterest, creating a course about your offer on Udemi e.g., comments in Facebook groups and answer questions in Quora as well.
That´s very effective but not easy to do the right way and needs some know-how if you want to earn money from that. You always have to invest in work and time anyway. It´s also not passive. If you stop, you will not get any visitors to your offer. “Passive” means: work once-earn forever. But what they offer is far away from “earn money on autopilot with free traffic and no technical skills”.

So, it´s not the best program to start an online business for beginners. Most people who start an internet career have no money to invest in paid advertising. Although they have time, they don´t know exactly how to run unpaid methods and they make a lot of mistakes. Or they lose a lot of time and energy trying to reinvent the wheel. We all know this, we all made the same mistakes I think. In those videos, these problems are touched, but not solved for many of their customers. But if you already have experience in advertising, things look completely different.



All in all this Big Ticket Commissions-program offers a lot of good stuff for just 18 bucks on


– You can advertise the done for your programs as well as set up your own campaigns. – Hosting is included. You never have to pay for it.
– A huge amount of Lead magnets or bonuses to attract your visitors and encourage them to sign up
– Lots of software bonuses to give away for free


– Free traffic is free as promised, but not very effective. You won´t earn money immediately. And certainly not 1000 bucks per day just using this.
– I am not a beginner. So for me, it was really easy to set up the campaigns. But if you have no experience with all this “set up stuff”, you´d better ask someone who has it.

My opinion about Big Ticket Commissions

You can’t go wrong with the 18$ for the program. You´ll get 4 done for you funnels, fully customizable pages, free hosting, explanation videos and you can promote your own links. I also like the list building strategy. A squeeze page, offering a free webinar and ebook, another page to sign in for the webinar, a thank you page, and a download page for three premium bonuses which creates your list at the same time. This strategy is not rocket science. But if you have to set this up for yourself, it makes a lot more work and is not that easy. Also, no one has as much software as a bonus to give away as is offered here for any campaign you will run. But you have to have it to encourage your visitor to sign up.
All that for a few bucks. Think you should try.