Free Classified Ad Transmitter Review

How to Submit Your Ad to Hundreds of Classified Sites for Free

Got a hot product that you want to sell? Something that you’ve put a great deal of work and thought into? Perhaps you found a problem that people were having that had no existing solution and built your product around that?

And once you had your product made you no doubt built a great website for it. A site that gives people a clear idea of what your product does and how it can benefit the people it is designed to be used by. And you’ve probably tweaked that site until it is as streamlined, informative, and engaging as you can get it.

But the problem is that no-one ever visits your site! All that work you put in on both the website and the product you are selling is currently going to waste. And you probably have no clear idea why.

As you’ve probably found out the hard way, creating a product and a website to sell it on is only half the job. Promoting it is the other half.

You need to get the word out about your product and create points of discovery on the internet where people can find out about it. And you need backlinks to get search engines to rank your site in their search results.

How to adevertise ?

There are a variety of different ways that you can achieve all that. Some require a lot of money spent with no guarantee of a return on investment. Others need you to do a lot of work for tiny gains.

You might find people telling you to make videos for YouTube and other video sharing sites, make posts about your product on social media, write guest posts on other people’s blogs, and do a variety of other time-consuming tasks. While this is all good advice in the long term, you probably want to see some interest growing in your product in the short term to help keep your enthusiasm for it alive. You need a way to seed interest for your product that doesn’t drain your energy or your wallet any further.

But where can I promote my business for free ?

Fortunately, there’s a great free advertising solution to let you do just that. Classified Ads. Perhaps you think that´s “old school”. But do not underestimate the power of this method. And here is the way to submit your ad-The Free Global Classified Ad Transmitter software app will allow you to submit a free classified ad for your product to hundreds of different classified ad sites.


This software allows you to

  • Quickly and easally submit unlimitted ad campaigns
  • Atomatically post your ads to 500 cities in the USA for each session
  • Upload pictures and videos for your classified ad
  • Add call to actions for your ads that will encourage people to act on them
  • Spintax your Headlines and Descriptions to keep yor Ads intersting

You can download this free advertising software at the link below.

If you want more great free advertising software solutions like this one along with many other free high-quality software suggestions then sign up to my newsletter below. In addition to learning about many useful tools and techniques to help you promote and improve your online business, you will also get a free ebook with a huge amount of useful information in it to help you succeed online.

Using free tools like the Free Global Classified Ad Transmitter is a great way to get your feet wet as you learn about running and promoting an online business. Paid advertising methods can end up being a license to print money, but they require a lot of knowledge to find their winning edge. Free advertising is a good way to start out while you gain that knowledge. So if you want to succeed then grab this free software tool, put it to use to promote your business, and sign up for more free tips like this one.


Download Your Software here

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