CryptoTab Browser 2020- My Honest Review

cryptootab browser

I don´t know much about such things as Cryptocurrencies, Coins, mining or Blockchain. I don´t really understand how it makes money doing math problems.

But a lot of people advised me to buy some bitcoins to get rich. Unfortunately, I don’t have a few thousand dollars to buy at least one Bitcoin

So I was excited to see, that you can mine without investing a single dime only for surfing on the internet. I started mining in July 2019. Nine months have passed now. We have March 2020.

Was it worth to run my computer with the CryptoTab Browser?

Short and simple: no. I use an HP EliteBook8760w and let it run about five to six hours 5 days a week. The computer rarely had anything else to do. Now and then a search on the Internet. That’s it. In this time I mined 000,029,898 BTC. That equals 2.62 $. Think the electricity for the computer cost more money during this time. After a little research, I guess you only earn a significant sum if you can refer many people by convincing them to install the App with your affiliate link.


The Product

CryptoTab Browser is an extension for Google Chrome Browser or Firefox
When you decide to join this opportunity you have to download the extension. For Chrome click here, for Firefox here, please. The browser is easy to handle and runs quickly. You should install it on all of your devices at the same time to get the most out of it.

How it works

After starting the extension your mining begins immediately.
But what do you mine? Not Bitcoins (BTC)! You´re mining Satoshis which is the smallest unit of BTC ( 1 BTC = 0,00000001 S or 1 BTC = 100.000.000S)
Depending on how fast your computer is running and how good and stable your internet connection is, mining is faster or slower.

How to make more money

Tip one: recruit
You can earn much more if you recruit referrals. The CryptoTab browser compensation plan is structured in the MLM unilevel compensation plan structure, 10 levels deep.
For those who are not familiar with it, here is a brief overview of what such a plan looks like

    • First level: your personally enrolled members
    • Second level: team members that your level one members personally enrolled/sponsored
    • Third level: team members that your level two members personally sponsored …….

I think you understand how this compensation plan works. Each level makes you some additional money. The more members you and your referrals sponsors, the more money you will earn. On the affiliate site, you can see the percentage of the minings you will get. A percentage is nice, but how much could that mean for you? The site also provides an income calculator to see what you could potentially earn [here]

I checked this for 5 referrals. You see, you have to have a lot of people who joined you and your constantly mining members to pay your bills. I doubt it’s realistic to get e.g. 78.125 members in a reasonable time. I only have 3 referrals myself, but that doesn’t matter either, because then $ 3 becomes 2 on the first level.

Here’s another problem. Your referrals must use the app continuously and of course recruit new members. Otherwise, the whole thing won’t work.

Tip 2: create multiple accounts
Install the Application on your first device. Take your Affiliate link, join yourself with your second device with a different name and email address. Then you create a third account on your next device. A Smartphone e.g.  Now you have three accounts, three mining sources and three different Affiliate links to promote on different platforms, forums or wherever. You started to fill your first three levels thereby.

How to withdraw the money

You must have a BTC-Wallet address to withdraw when you reached a minimum of 0,00001 BTC. You just click the three dashes icon in the right top. I looked at a few forums to find out if the payout is made. Some say yes, some write that nothing shows up, even they have referrals.

Don´t forget to install CryptoSearch!

Installing this extension allows you to earn even if you didn´t reach the minimum amount that can be withdrawn.




  • You really mine Satoshi not complete Bitcoins
  • It takes a lot of time to earn a little money
  • You have to take care of your members and that they use the App a lot and advertise it
  • It will work better with hundreds of referrals
  • It may work better if you run the App on a server 24/7

There may be users who earn money with it. But it’s not as”automatic” as it may seem and if you run it on just one computer it´s not worth it.

Final thoughts about the CryptoTab Browser

I was asked, why I don´t use the Tips a gave above.

-Because I´m looking for some ways to earn passive income. Without running my computer all the time, advertise like crazy, sending motivational emails and answering questions for just pennies of income in return.