Do You Have Problems In Writing Catchy Subject Lines

4 Rules and 11 magic words for your headline

How to write catchy subject lines

catchy subject lines
Everybody gets a ton of emails each day. No problem. But if you are an email marketer and want to get your email opened you have to find a subject line that makes your recipient curious.
Nearly 50% of marketers say they test different subject lines to find out which of them has the best open rate.

There are a lot of tips out there about how to do it best.

“Keep it short”, “place the most important words in the beginning”, “be clear and specific about your topic” are some of those advices.

Nice to know but hard to do

Not only is it difficult to create one great headline or subject lines, but you should also think of several for just one email!

First problem: what is “catchy” ? Second: what works? Third: No idea!

I found a little software. It will help you to solve these problems

And it´s free! Check out the Freeheadlinegenerator ! This software forces you to think about product, goal and the result you want.

Just fill out the spaces, click “Generate Headlines” and see what happens! Perhaps you have to try it two or three times till you completely understand what´s exactly needed to get the best results. But the headlinegenerator will definitely give you more than 20 ideas on how a catchy subject line could look like!

Maybe one or the other result seems familiar to you. Or you have seen subject lines at professional marketers that looked similar. Guess why they’re using them! Because they work! So don’t be shy, do it like them !

But there is more free stuff provided! At the bottom of the page, you will find a button. “Free Training Videos “. You also have access to a free salesletter creator you should definitely try it !

4 Rules and 11 magic words for your headline│

4 Rules and 11 magic words for your headline

Did you know that your headline is read five times more often than your text? That is why it is so important to know the rules and the magic words!


  • please always keep in mind for your headline: your prospect should see “what´s in it for me” right away. Answer the question from the perspective of your customer . How does the product improve your customer’s life.  E.g.: “This method saves you tons of money”.
  • Do something different. Try “Headline”. Tell your prospect if you found something new. Something interesting like:  if more of my customers would know this … E.g.:  “Experts confirm: Everyone, whether studying or not, can become financially free with internet marketing”. Or :”Stock market experts predict: stock market crash at the end of 2020″.
  • don´t try to be funny, no puns!
    e.g.: “This is runtastig”. What does this mean? Is there software that runs fast? Or is this something from the fitness niche?
    better: “This fitness program makes you run three times faster than ever before”
  • Never, really never, try to sell your product in your headline! This answers no question. Search engines wants to give results for a specific question. This post will not be ranked by them.  And your open rate will be very low because your readers knows thatt you just wants him to buy. But you want them to open your mail!

Magic Words:

Why are they called magic words? Because they have been proven to increase the open rate by at least 20 percent! What words are these magic words now?

You, how to, new, money, now, who, want, what, secret, truth

  • You. The personal form increases attention. ” You have to act immediately…”
  • How or how to. “How you will reach to build….”, “How to start your career…”
  • New. New: Doctor discovers how to cure diabetes.
  • Money. Oh, it´s about my money. Very attractive for many people!
  • Now. Works very well with the other words. “I will now show you how to get rich in 6 months”
  • Who and want. Who wants to learn how to build a house without outside help?
  • What. What the tax advisor doesn’t tell you. Very powerful!
  • Secret. Secret tactic leads to…
  • Truth. Truth: 60% of all xyz residents do not understand their electricity bill.

Follow the rules and use the magic words and you will increase your open rate!

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