Is TrafficAdBar Right For You

TrafficAdBar Review

In this review, I want to give a brief overview of  TrafficAdbar advertising program so that you can decide if this could be something for you.

What is Traffic Ad Bar

It is a Traffic Exchange (TE) which allows you to advertise your offer for free. I know, TE has a dubious reputation. But if you know how to use them, they can be a valuable addition to your lead generation.
These TE´s usually work on the same principle. You look at ads from the members and can advertise your own offer. This is then clicked by the others and you get traffic to your site. With a little luck, a member will buy something from you.

Product Overview

trafficadbar reviewThe program is up for ten years and still running. You can join for free and start right away. Then you will receive an email each day with a link to certain ads. Click 25 ads per day to receive points. Those points place your ad in a system called „level ladder“ which is the key to automated advertising. The higher each of your ads are, the more views you will receive every three days.

The level ladder has 17 levels. One is the bottom, 17 the top. If you have an ad e.g. on level ten TraffiAdbar will send you 1022 visitors every 3 days. On level 5 30. And they promise an automatic search engine submission.

So it’s a little different than the usual programs. Even if you just click 25 ads a day you will get more and more visitors and traffic over time.

Get Traffic Adbar here

You can earn additional points by placing a banner on your website or using your „TrafficAdBar -link“ promoting your ad on other platforms like FB or Twitter. Those banners and links are provided on your Dashboard. The links look like this: Every time this link shows up you´ll earn additional points and climb the level ladder faster.

What happens when you signed in:

1: You will receive an eMail every day

2: Click on the links in the mail

3: View the suggested websites to earn points and hits in the Ad Network

4: TrafficAdBar will send visitors to your websites for your 10 min daily task

That´s it.

Pros And Cons Or The Good And The Bad

The Good

– free to join
– affordable if you want to upgrade
– extra points for additional activities
– pretty good bot protection
– real visitors
– inspirations for your future promotions or campaigns
– paid referral program
– Hits from other TE´because they put your ads on other Websites
You can target your ads by country, dates and time

The Bad

– you have to click even if you upgrade
– free members have to click more ads than upgraded members to climb the ladder
– no pages with Google AdSense allowed
– It is not for everyone to sit in front of your computer and view ads over and over.
– not every advertisement is suitable for TrafficAdBar

If you click an ad you have to wait 10 secs before you can click the next one. If you show sites with large videos or long blogposts people will not watch or read them. And this could be a problem with your SEO because your bounce rate could increase.

Does the estimated higher bounce rate for a site or video impair your ranking?

In my experience, it doesn´t. My blogpost about the Zendyx Affiliate System e.g. I wrote in May 2020, ranks on page one in Google Search in July. And this one at least on page 2.

What Kind Of Ads Are Suitable For TrafficAdBar ?

Affiliate-links, Squeeze pages or opt-in pages, Newsletters, advertising for other TEs or daily offers are ideal to promote here. Keep it short and simple. You only have 10 seconds to draw the viewer’s attention.

My Experience with TrafficAdbar

I am a member for about three years. But I´m not promoting my ads constantly for some reason. I started again in November 2019 and it works just fine. I got one signup to my newsletter every day.
That may not be much, but some marketers have to work more than 10 minutes a day to get any response to their offer. That’s why I recommend TA as an additional way to generate leads for your site.


Click Here And Join Free

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