WeClearance.Should you buy?

Weclearance-should you buy?

Can you trust this company?

Anybody is looking for cheap opportunities. And some of them are ridiculous. So are the offers of Weclearance.


I am working with an old Asus F751S Laptop. It´s still working. But after 6 or seven years it may be time for a new one.
So I was very happy to see an advertisement on my Twitter account. Weclearance offered a new Dell New Inspiron 17 7000 2 in 1 Laptop for 89 bucks!


Dell New Inspron 2 in 1 Laptop


How can Weclearance offer this Laptop for this cheap price?

They said, that some stores went bankrupt and they sell the rest for nearly nothing. Okay. I heard about those sales. Mostly, you have to buy 10, 20, or more items to get those cheap prices. But if they sell it one by one- why not. It could be worth trying it. And 89 bucks- no big risk.


Should I Order with Weclearance?

I checked the Weclearnce company and found some reviews. Some positive comments, some complaints. Everything was as usual. It seemed, that anybody received their orders. Some in the promised time of about two weeks, some later. After reading this stuff I decided to order, even if it would take a little time, till I´ll get my new Laptop. This was at the end of December 21.


What happened?

After my payment via Paypal, I received an email, confirming my order and payment. They asked for a little time to process the order. The shipping will also take some time. About 10 to 14 days. And: they will send another email to me to track my shipping. If I had any queries, I should drop a mail.

So, I was waiting for the mail to track my order. But I didn’t receive any further message.

Okay, no problem. I should contact them if problems occur.

I sent emails to any email address I could find. I wrote a comment on their Facebook account. But nobody responded.

And: after 2 months I still have no new laptop!


My conclusion

I ordered, I paid but two months later I got nothing.
In my opinion, therefore these offers are fake.
Be careful if you order there.
Perhaps you will lose your money.